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Welcome to our LVDA newsletter page! Our newsletter is published four times a year. On this page you will find current and past issues of the newsletter, article and blog ideas, and the editor contact for submitting content.

One of our goals, to continue moving our organization forward, is increasing the contributions to the newsletter from all our members. As diverse practitioners within the nutrition field we all have valuable information, resources, upcoming events, ideas, and interesting tidbits to share. We are always looking for something new to add to the newsletter so please consider sharing with other members what makes you love what you do! Submissions, questions, or comments can be submitted to the editor, Maria Leon, at

The Lehigh Valley Dietetic Association assumes no responsibility for statements made or expressed in this publication.

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There are so many ways to contribute to our newsletter… Do YOU have something to add?

  • CPE opportunities
  • New programs and classes
  • Employee, student or peer spotlights for their achievements
  • The latest dietetic trends
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