Getting Started

Becoming and RDN or NDTR

(includes information on coordinated programs, didactic programs, dietetic internships, and dietetic technician programs nationwide)


E-Mentoring Network

To take advantage of this awesome AND benefit, please visit here.


Volunteer Opportunities

Please email for student opportunities.


Helping As You Go

PA Academy Scholarships and Awards

The following scholarships and awards are available for PA Academy student members:

  • Outstanding Dietetics Student Award
  • General Scholarship
  • Diversity Scholarship
  • Annual Meeting & Exhibition stipend

Mentorship Program

The LVDA Mentoring Program’s goal is to provide professional connections between mentors and mentees! Mentors are experienced Registered Dietitians/Registered Dietitian Nutritionists or DTRs, while mentees are mostly students who are looking for more professional growth and experience!

Contact LVDA Career guidance Chair, Bethany Miller, RDN, LDN for more information and to apply to be a mentor or mentee,

And, be sure to make the most of your membership by getting involved in networking and volunteer opportunities!